Over Control


Not every version is a step in the right direction.

After the rubber wheels were removed, by others.. in COB 2018. I decided V2 for HBB 2018 I would just use hot glue from the beginning.

I decided to replace the Servos with highly geared, N20s. Which was a mistake. Instead of servos which return to center I had N20s which would just stop where I left them. Making it very difficult to recenter the wedges, infact basically impossible durring the stress of competition.


Over control was imagined during my first robot competition at Clash of the Bots is June 2017.

I was competing with only Lowest Bidder (LB) and after two matches and two losses, I was wishing I had a second robot.

Being fans of Overhaul and Complete Control I was imagining a control bot. It took a year, but at Clash of the Bots June 2018 I decided to make the night before. In the intervening year I had been hoarding parts as they were not longer useful to LB.

Servos, intended for a SRM (self righting mechanism)

N20 1000 rpm Gear Motors replaced in LB by moar powerful gearmotors.

Wheels, never used intended for a version -1? of LB an rear overhead spinner... ( still intriguing and perhaps I will make it into another robot.

A receiver, still functional but with all the pins removed, a practice needed for LB 0,1, and 2. But not LB 3.

1/16" lexan purchased for LB v3 lid, became the entire body and weapons of OC v1.